Atention: all the servers are now offline. I have no plans to make servers accesable again. I realized that there was no people interested on my gameservers and i decided to use resources for another project.

Privat game servers (DE, RU, LT, EN)
Servers are located in Germany, Hessen
Adress for all servers: (or ip: may require to refresh this page to show it right)
Sometimes servers need to be updated. So if you are disconnected or can't connect, just try in few minutes again. We will notify you about server maintense on our discord channel.

List of my free 24/7 gameservers online:
Valheim password would be shown after registration. Note it!!! Please, read the text below before clicking on this button for registration:

Important to read befor registration:
Since i realized that there are some ugly players hapy to destroing buildings or stealing items from another without asking, i made registration for Valheim. Just your Steam-ID (17 digits) and Captcha task is required, another infomation is optional. If i have your steam-id i can bann you if you are "ugly player".
Q: Is it safe to share Steam-ID with another?
A: Your Steam-ID is anyway publicly available. For example: you can find it in link to you profile; steam-id is used for conections to gameserver and you can find it in logs. Unsafe is to share your login!!!
Q: How to find your Steam ID, the unique 17-digit code, that identifies your gaming account, and what to do if it won’t appear?
A: If my answer below is not right or to complicated for you, please use internet search provider such as DuckDuckGo, google or similar.
Open the Steam application -> Open your profile by clicking the button at the top of the screen — it’s your profile name in big letters -> You should see a URL appear below the button. Your Steam ID is the long string of numbers in that URL ->The long number at the end of the URL on your profile tab is your Steam ID -> If you don’t see it, click on „Steam“ at the top of the window (or in your menu bar at the top of the screen on a Mac) and select „Settings“ (or „Preferences“ on a Mac). -> In the menu that opens, click „Interface“ in the left sidebar. -> Check the box labeled „Display Steam URL address bar when available.“ -> Click „OK“, and then go to your profile again. -> The long number at the end of the URL — which should now appear — is your Steam ID.
Q: How my steam-id would be used?
A: I assure that your steam-id will be purely used for "banned"-"allowed" lists on gameserver and not be given to anyone third.

Planned (plans may change):
1) ARK (Ragnarok map, PVP, PVE)
2) Rust (vanilla)
3) Life is Feudal: Your Own (PVP, max skill cap)
4) Conan Exiles (vanilla, PVP, PVE)